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IE4.A Custom In-Ear Monitors

The iE4.A is our 4 driver custom In-ear monitors with increased low end frequency range, passive 3 way crossover network for zero distortion.

Our quad drivers are housed within a custom acrylic shell offering 26db attenuation with detachable 2 pin IEM cables and can be manufactured in a verity of colours and designs.

This all-round In-ear monitor will suit the needs of recording artists, sound engineers and professional performing musicians as well as dedicated audiophiles.

Manufacturing Time: within 28 Days

Choosing your in Ear monitors

No one knows your own ears like yourself
and picking the right IEM can be tricky!

Feel free to contact us at any time to
help decide which In ears are best suited
for your needs,or get started with our
guide to custom in ear monitors.

Vocals: iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A
Drums: iE2.A iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A 
Guitar: iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A
Bass: iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A 
Engineer: iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A
Keys: iE2.A  iE3.A  iE6.A  iE8.A