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iE3.A Custom In-Ear Monitors

Our flagship iE3.A In-ear Monitors have an excellent frequency response offering amazing clarity, headroom and separation.

Our triple driver In-Ear Monitors set up consists of 3 armature drivers with passive 3 way crossover network to separate the high, low and mid frequencies, avoiding the clash of mix mashed audio signals in your ear!

The iE3.A comes in a range of colours and option custom artwork, an added bonus for the musician on tour is that durability and lifespan is greatly enhanced with the acrylic range and with the option for detachable cables, replacements are easy to obtain when out on the road.

Manufacturing Time: within 28 Days

Choosing your in Ear monitors

No one knows your own ears like yourself
and picking the right IEM can be tricky!

Feel free to contact us at any time to
help decide which In ears are best suited
for your needs,or get started with our
guide to custom in ear monitors.

Vocals: iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A
Drums: iE2.A iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A 
Guitar: iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A
Bass: iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A 
Engineer: iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A
Keys: iE2.A  iE3.A  iE6.A  iE8.A