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iE1.A Custom In Ear Monitors

This dual driver is the perfect custom in ear monitor for emerging artists, musicians and audiophiles looking to transfer from wedges to custom in ears, although its our most reasonably priced of our in ear monitors we assure you the audio quality is not compromised as the iE1.A features a dual driver balanced armature driver with passive 2 way crossover network which will generate warm lows complimented by the high frequency extension. 

The IE1.A is hand crafted from your custom ear impressions using UV light curing acrylic resin and offer up to 26db attenuation and fully compatible with all audio devices and wireless systems that require a 3.5mm jack.

Manufacturing Time: within 14 Days

Choosing your in Ear monitors

No one knows your own ears like yourself
and picking the right IEM can be tricky!

Feel free to contact us at any time to
help decide which In ears are best suited
for your needs,or get started with our
guide to custom in ear monitors.

Vocals: iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A
Drums: iE2.A iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A 
Guitar: iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A
Bass: iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A 
Engineer: iE3.A  iE4.A  iE6.A  iE8.A
Keys: iE2.A  iE3.A  iE6.A  iE8.A