Custom In-Ear Monitors from HW Audio

HW Audio was founded by Lewie Winters in 2010, as a drummer and sessions musician and drum tech he very quickly realised he was in need of a set of IEM's.

Using his contacts within the music industry he began to research crossover networks and started prototyping his first set of custom in-ear monitors, after 3 years of research and development and trialing products with some of the UK's highest profile sound engineers HW Audio In-Ears our IEM's passed the test and were ready for the big stage.  

A lot has changed since then. Our products have evolved and our range has expanded – and will continue to do so.  Our team has grown and will need to keep growing to accommodate our expanding business. The only part of us that will always stay the same is the commitment to our core values; to manufacture effective custom products for all budgets and to suit all needs. 



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