Ear Impression | Custom In-ear monitors: London - HW Audio

How to get your ears measured?

Every Hear Wave product is handcrafted by our highly skilled Technicians to fit you perfectly. As a result, you will need to arrange an appointment with a qualified Hear Wave Technician or an Audiologist local to you to take an ear impression for you. Alternatively if you have had ear impression taken in the last 12 months by a qualified Audiologist, we can use these molds to manufacture your Hear Wave order. 

Speak to the team anytime on 0208 320 1145


  • Browse our range of custom fit In-Ear Monitors
  • Choose the HW Audio product that suits your needs
  • Select your IEM's design
  • Complete the short checkout process


  • Post your custom ear impressions to the HW Audio office
  • Book an appointment to have impressions taken by a HW Audio Technician at our office
  • Pre pay for us to book you an appointment at an Audiologist local to you


  • Select "Contact me about my impressions" and we will source an audiologist local to you and arrange the appointment for you.
  • If you are local to HW Audio you can book an appointment with a Hear Wave technician free of charge
  • If you already have impressions you can post us that is great! remember that they shouldn't be used if they are over 12 months old. 
  • View our impressions guide to help your audiologist get the best impressions HERE