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Why Do We Prefer In Ear Monitors Over Wedges?

October 24, 2016

Why Do We Prefer In Ear Monitors Over Wedges?

In the music industry, you might have seen large boxes of speakers placed on the edges of the stage some while ago. These speakers are known as wedges and they were kept there to provide the singers and performers with a feedback of their voices and the accompanying music or background sound so that the noise interference from the audience may not be able to disturb the performer. However recently the wedges have been replaced by another kind of equipment which is more technical and fine tuned to provide better sound feedback to the performers – the in-ear monitors. In this article we will tell you some good reasons why should you prefer using in ear monitors instead of wedges for your performances.

  1. Enhances Sound Quality: Imagine the mixed sound of your own voice and the background music being fed right into your ears, through in ear monitors, as compared to the same sound being provided in open atmosphere on stage through wedges. Which one would be a better option? Moreover the built of in-ear monitors is designed so that all outside sounds and interferences from the audience noise can be minimized and pure isolated mixed sound can be fed into the performer’s ears.
  2. Normal Volume Levels: When using wedges it so happens most of the times, that guitarists and other co performers of the band cannot hear their instrument’s sound properly which may cause them to lag behind in their performance. This makes them ask the sound engineer to turn up the volume. As the volume gets turned up it becomes a trouble for the performer to hear his own sound in heavy music. So a trade off needs to be reached in this regard. This problem is absolutely avoided when we use in-ear monitors. In-ear monitors can deliver high quality mixed and balanced sound right to the ear of each individual performer. There would be no need to turn up the volume or make mixer adjustments to achieve any kind of trade off.
  3. Less Vocal Strain: As the need to raise the music/mixed sound volume gets eliminated, due to personalized feed of sound in individual ears, the singer or performer can carry out his act on his normal voice and does not require to over strain his vocal chords in order to make his performance stand out in the dominating music.
  4. Mobility: In ear monitors, specially the wireless category, provide you great mobility on stage as well as in the audience. Now the performer can easily afford to move on stage or even into the audience without the fear that his accompanying music will fade away as his goes away from his co-performers.
  5. Fine tuned Audience Feedback: The feedback from audience is a very important factor in impressive performance from singers. However this feedback may contain a lot of accompanying noise. This can be handled when using in-ear monitors and the sound engineers can provide filtered and fine tuned audience feedback to the performers individually into their ears.

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