October 13, 2016 2 min read

In ear monitors in UK are becoming an essential part of stage singers and artists who perform live along with their band. The performers mostly use wireless in ear monitors, which consist of a transmitter box placed backstage and a pair of ear plug receivers connected to a mobile type back pack, worn by the performer. Apart from in ear monitors for singers, these devices are also used for other accompanying musicians such as in ear monitors for drummers.

Although a very helpful and useful device the in ear monitors have some associated problems also which we will highlight in this blog.

  1. Interference. Since wireless in ear monitors are operating on radio signals they inevitably experience interference. Wireless in ear monitors operate on common UHF frequencies of 606 to 614 MHz. These frequencies do not require a license and may be used by other devices near the performance arena. Moreover they can also experience fading and drop outs. To counter this phenomena modern wireless in ear monitors are designed to use such carrier signals that they lock onto the frequency of the transmitter. Now even if the performer moves off stage the frequency does not experience fading or drop outs.
  2. Risk of falling off the ears. The ear plugs of wireless in ear monitors are the most risky component. During performance there is a lot of movement involved of singers and musicians on stage and off stage. Most of the wireless in ear monitors are designed on generic moulds which may slip out in case of abrupt and jerky movements. This is where custom in ear monitors come in. Custom in ear monitors are designed specifically for the musicians who are going to wear them. Ear size of the singer or performer is exclusively obtained and the ear plug is tailor made to fit in. Such custom in ear monitors have a much reduced risk of falling off during movement.
  3. Mid Frequencies becoming a problem. Mid frequencies that are there in a music composition may become overbearing for the singer, and may pose him trouble in singing his lines. This problem can be overcome by expert mixing of music backstage. The sounds of all supporting instruments need to be mixed in correct proportions and intensities so that they are not too loud yet audible to the singer even in the mid of crowd cheering. This requires a lot of expertise and there are specialists available in the UK who can mix the sound in the right proportions to augment the singing efforts on stage.

Despite the above mentioned problems, the in ear monitors have become an essential part of music performances in UK and world over simply because they are a great help in synchronization and co ordination of music performances.

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