February 13, 2018 2 min read

3D printing is constantly in the news as companies start utilising the technology to their advantage with everything from prosthetic limbs to key rings being printed in various types of plastic and sold. As a company always looking to innovate and improve, HW Audio are no different and for the first time, we have developed a 3D printed universal version of our In Ear Monitors.

To be able to offer a universal ‘one-size-fits-all’ version of a custom product is no mean feat, but the team used their existing experience and expertise to their advantage. Taking scans of the thousands of ear impressions of customer’s ears that have been taken over the years, we were able to generate a universal shape that gives fantastic fit based on real ear shapes.

3D printing works by a computer controlling tiny slices of material and layering them in a set pattern to create a product from the bottom up. The small size of each layer allows for incredibly bespoke and complex patterns to be printed, including moving parts and minute detailing. Commercial 3D printing is usually more precise than in-home printing processes and so the quality of items you see from each may vary. HW Audio uses precision printing from a professional industrial set-up to provide the best possible material quality and finishing. In the case of HW’s Universal In Ear Monitors, the shell material is made up of acrylic, with a carbon fibre option available too. The latter is an extremely strong product which will survive even the most regular and hard-wearing of use.

The new Universal IEMs are built with a 5-axis design and so are 3D printed for the utmost precision and care. The full manufacture, including the printing, happens in the UK and can be pre-ordered now.

In addition to these uniquely-made universal-fit shells, the triple driver IEMs are made up of three armature drivers with a three-way crossover network to separate out the high, mid and low frequencies that you hear in your audio playback. The perfect starting pair of monitors for musicians, stage artists or FOH staff, the outside sound isolation is still second-to-none and gives a professional studio-quality sound.

The 3D printed shells also support the new HW GOVNOR Valve that maintains a healthy pressure within the ears as you wear your In Ear Monitors. This negates the risk of hearing fatigue or damage and ensures that your audio playback and outside sound isolation remain at a studio standard without interruption. The seal that you need to block out the poor quality noise on stage remains intact, but the occlusion of your ear is maintained to release the pressure gently as required. It’s a tiny, simple engineering solution but a powerful one, particularly for those who will wear their IEMs often.

To browse the range of HW Universal In Ear Monitors with 3D printed shells and place a pre-order, visit the HERE now!

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