July 28, 2017 1 min read

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting the Guys from Nothing But Thieves, popping in to meet them at Cato Music to take impressions for their custom In Ear Monitors before they headed off on their wide tour.

Nothing But Thieves had Nothing but good feedback for the in ears ;) even after a slight mishap with a faulty socket that we managed to get repaired on the same day. 

The band all went for our iE6.A custom in ear monitors, this was a nerve racking moment as the band are not only great musicians but also know their equipment inside out! as a couple of the guys were already using one of our competitors IEM's we was expecting some detailed feedback on the in ear monitors but our overall fit and audio quality was preferred :) so a big YAY for us


To add to the positive experience we was able to catch Nothing But Thieves and our custom in ear monitors headlining 2000 trees festival and I have to admit they are new new favourite band by far, I could be found by the PA desk with a cold beer singing along to every song.  



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