August 31, 2017 3 min read

HW Audio are looking to team up with UK Monitor and front of house Engineers about all thing ears! 60% off custom in ear monitors.

The tedious task of getting in ear monitors for yourself and/or the artists you are working with can often be a struggle... firstly finding a competent audiologist with the correct knowledge of how to take the right impressions can be frustrating and can too often lead to ill fitting IEM'sHW Audio have spent the last few years working with a select few audiologists spread over the country helping them fully understand what we require as a manufacturer of custom IEM's with great success and also work alongside Gisele Flower  of Aid2Hearing when professional wax removal service is needed.


In most cases we often arrange for a technician to visit artists and engineers on site completely at your convenience.
From what we have seen so far, many engineers are also having to double up as tour manager too! so the decision of "who to go to for custom IEM's" falls on them, as well as the logistics of getting impressions, wax removal, IEM maintenance & repairs..... the list could potentially be endless.
Any company that tells you that in ear monitors are indestructible is not being truthful! anyone with experience with in ears can tell you the slightest bit of wax in a sound tube can bring everything to a grinding halt and then be charged in the hundreds for a repair which can take weeks shipping to and from the US... So we have split our team in 2 to be able to work 24 hours a day and are in close contact with all our current FOH and monitor engineers that take full advantage of what we offer allowing us to complete repairs and services in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

We also offer all our clients free services at any time, cost price repairs & cost price cable replacements/spares.

  • Our free servicing is an "IEM MOT" which allows you to send your IEM's back as much as you want for us to dry them if needed, remove wax & make any fit adjustments required, this drastically increases the life span of the in ears and helps stop any mid tour faults.
  • Our cost price cables: when someone make a completely indestructible earphone cable we will be the first to stock it! until then we offer all our clients cost price cable replacements.
  • As the initial RRP cost of the IEM's is high we also like to offer cost price repairs, this can bring the cost of a driver replacement from £150 down to £30-£40 depending on the model you have.


What can we offer you as an engineer?

We are looking to acquire more artists to use our IEM's and as it would be unrealistic for us to offer every engineer and artist free in ear monitors, we would like to start with offering a select number of engineers and music industry professionals 60% off a set for themselves to welcome you to the family, try the in ear monitors yourself, if you are not happy we'll offer a full refund, if you are happy we may have a mutually beneficial relationship in the making and can offer the artists you work with up to 40% off in the future.

The music industry is a very small place

If you are interested in working with us at HW Audio please feel free to email me at or head over to the site and drop us a message on FaceBook chat

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