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How can In Ear Monitors Help Improve Your Performances

October 13, 2016

How can In Ear Monitors Help Improve Your Performances

Music and performance industry has grown manifold over the past four decades. It has traveled a long way from the serene melodies of jazzy blues and Elvis’s romantics to the fast beat of Justin beaver and rap hip hop. As the genre of music and performance has modernized, so has the technical equipment which supports it. With the inception of digitization and wireless technologies, the quality of sound and co-ordination of performance has been greatly enhanced. A relatively recent addition to the supporting digital equipment, for singers and performers, are the in ear monitors (IEMs).

What are In Ear Monitors?

In ear monitors are small electronic ear plugs that the performers and singer wear while they are performing live on stage. The music from different instruments, which are being played at their particular locations on stage, is all combined and fed to the singers’ ear through these in ear monitors.  Due to these monitors the singer can hear all the instruments with equal clarity and consistency, despite the fact that they are being played at a distance. Singer feels as if the instruments are nearby. This helps singers in the following aspects

  1. It allows the singer to have greater co-ordination with the instruments and the music being played.
  2. In ear monitors allow the performer to move all around on the stage and into the audience without the fear of losing the audibility of his band, thus gives him the freedom to perform and enhance the impact of his show.
  3. These monitors have brought openness into the way the stage or performance sets were being designed.

What is the Technology of In Ear Monitors?

The current versions of this equipment are the wireless in ear monitors. They are wireless for the obvious reason of allowing the performance greater freedom of movement on stage. The wireless in ear monitors consist of two parts 

  1. A transmitter unit, about the size of a box which transmits the mixed music wirelessly over a radio signal to the receiving unit which resides with the singer/ performer.
  2. A pair of wireless ear plugs – the receiving unit which is worn by the performer so he can hear his band while singing.
  3. The in ear monitors in UK use frequencies between 606 – 614 MHz.

Wireless in ear monitors are interference free given the modern technology

Types of In Ear Monitors

The most demanded type is the custom in Ear monitors, although they are more expensive also. The manufacturer takes authentic measurement and size of the performer’s ears and makes custom in ear monitors for his ear fit.

Who uses them?

It is not only in ear monitors for singers or performers. Today it has become the requirement of complete band. The most important being in ear monitors for drummers. Drummers require them more since they are sitting near to percussions and chances of losing their synchronization with the rest of the band are greater.


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