January 16, 2019 2 min read

3D Printed Custom In-Ear Monitors: The Benefits

Whilst you know that you pay for a bespoke product entirely unique to you when you make a purchase for Custom In-Ear Monitors, have you ever considered what actually happens once the impressions of your ears are received and how they’re made?

HW Audio is currently transitioning from traditional hand-crafting methods to 3D printing of custom models; and there’s a whole host of benefits to utilising this new technology. Read on to understand just some of the perks in moving to this innovative new method.

Faster Turn-Around Time

Most IEMs are made using the mould you’ve taken of your ears and then the creation of an inverse mould from these impressions to make the final product. There’s no doubt that there is expert craftsmanship at play here, but with this comes the time required for the full attention to detail and production methods required with manual intervention. Hand crafting can take up to 9 hours from start to finish, which, of course, is longer than a standard working day for many people; whereas the 3D printing of IEMs can take just 2 hours. 3D printing allows us to dispatch your order quicker than ever, so that you can effectively protect your hearing as soon as possible!

Lower Shipping Costs

Unlike with traditional production methods, we don’t need to receive your personal ear impressions by post and can accept the data by email (as it’ll be fed into the 3D printer’s software by computer anyway). This allows for you to save money and effort on postage, and can ensure your impressions are safely received with no waiting for the post or having to look up tracking numbers.

Better Mould Accuracy

Whilst those who work on producing Custom IEMs are expert craftspeople, there is always room for human error. When making moulds and creating the finished product, it of course needs to be as close as possible to the exact shape of your ear – for not just comfort, but efficiency too. When a 3D printer is used to create IEMs, the data printed is entirely identical to the expressions supplied: giving you the best fit and best protection available.

Easier Worldwide Service

Wherever you are in the world, you can now supply your in-ear impressions to us quickly and easily. This allows us to offer a fair-priced service around the globe and not just limit those who can enjoy HW Audio’s products to the UK.

If you’d like more information on 3D printed In Ear Monitors, get in touch with our team to talk more. Or, if you’re in the area, visit HW Audio HQ and see the difference for yourself; you may be surprised by the quality you’ll find!

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